Bijur TM-1 Series


C2731, C2889, C2739, C2890, C2741, C2891, C2803, C2896, C2774, C2897, C2763, C2892, C2764, C2893, C2765, C2894, C2798, C2895

The TM-1 lube pump is a single phase dual voltage piston pump used with meter units. The discharge volume is adjustable between (0.2cc~1.0cc). Cycle times range from (2~145) minutes.

Notice: Suction Filter should be replaced every 6 months or less.

Filter Part Number: S178

Volts cycle time (mins) Part Number
50 cps 60 cps Without Liquid Level Switch Replaces Showa (without) Level Switch With Liquid Level Switch Replaces Showa (with) Level Switch
115V 145 120 C2731 SSMA2-120, A C2889 SSMA2-120-WS, A
72 60 C2739 SSMA2-60, A C2890 SSMA2-60-WS, A
15 12.5 C2741 SSMA2-15, A C2891 SSMA2-15-WS, A
7.5 6.25 C2803 SSMA2-5, A C2896 SSMA2-5-WS, A
230V 9 7.5 C2774 SSMA2-10, B C2897 SSMA2-10-WS, B
145 120 C2763 SSMA2-120, B C2892 SSMA2-120-WS, B
72 60 C2764 SSMA2-60, B C2893 SSMA2-60-WS, B
15 12.5 C2765 SSMA2-15, B C2894 SSMA2-15-WS, B
115/230V 2 1.7 C2798 SSMA2-5, A/B C2895 SSMA2-5-WS, A/B
*Other Bijur TM-1 Model pumps available upon request.


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