FL-1 (Grease) and FL- 44 (Oil) Series 

The faval FL-1 and FL-44 Injectors are positive displacement type.  They have adjustable outputs and a visual cycle indicator pin. The Single units have a 3/8" NPT male inlet and the manifolded units have a 3/8" NPT female inlet. 

Discharge Volume: FL-11 and FL-44 - (.131cc ~ 1.64cc)

Operating Pressure:

FL-44 (max 1000psi)

FL-1 (max 3500psi)

FL-11 (Grease) and FL- 45(Oil) Series 

The Farval FL-11 and FL-45 injectors are similar to the FL-1 and FL-44. series.The difference between the series is the output which is larger than the FL-1 and FL-44.

Discharge Volume: FL-11 and FL-45 - (.819cc ~ 8.19cc)

Operating Pressure:

FL-45 (max 1000psi)

FL-11 (max 3500psi)

FL-30(Grease) and FL- 40(Oil) Series 

The Farval FL-30 and FL-40 are available in two different types.: standard and stainless steel. All injectors in this series come with viton seals and have vinyl cover caps.

Discharge Volume: FL-33 and FL-42 - (.016cc ~ .049cc) Discharge Volume: FL-32 and FL-43 - (.016cc ~ .131cc)

Operating Pressure - (min 1000psi) (max 3500psi)

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