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Pressure Switch: SPS-8T


Pressure switch monitor will indicate a pressure failure in the system. The switch must be located at the furthest point from the lubricator on a direct pressure line, not in a branch of a multibranch system. This switch can be used with the indicating lamp or an electric switch to shut off the machine when the pressure fails below the pre-set limits.


Pressure Setting SPS-8T

Power Range SPS-8T
A) Adjustments of "A" screw will change the reacting pressure keeping upper & lower limits within a same range. Turning the "A" screw clockwise will lower the reacting pressure, the arrow will go up. Turning the "A" screw counter clockwise will raise the reacting point at higher pressure with keeping both upper and lower limits at same range. Please note that it is important to keep the arrow within a marked area. B) "B" screw adjustments will change the upper and lower limits range. Turning the screw clockwise will narrow the reacting point of upper and lower limits and opposite for counter clockwise. AC250V 5A DC100V 1A
AC125V 10A DC 24V 5A
Call Devco for any further information required, specific data sheets are only available upon request.
C) The minimum clearance is 0.5mm & maximum is 1.2mm. Please keep it within a range when "B" adjustment is done.

Pressure Switch: GFB-8-5

GFB-8-5 (V-101-1A4)

GFB-8-5 (V-101-1A4)

A) Pressure Indicator

B) Limit Switch GFB-8

C) Mounting Bracket

GFB-8-5 (V-101-1A4)

Pressure Switch: 20PS
Specification: Pressure (Close) 10kgf/cm2 (1 MPa)
Pressure (Open) 7 kgf/cm2 (0.7 MPa)

Pressure Rate

(Resistance Pressure)

AC100V 3.5A, AC200V 1.75A

DC 12V 3.5A, DC32V 1.75A

Maximum Voltage AC240V, DC32V

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