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Air-Operated Piston Pumps - Grease Pumps

Fire-Ball 300 (15:1)

Fire-Ball 300 (50:1)

Fire-Ball 425 (50:1)

Fire-Ball 425 (75:1)

Mini Fire-Ball 225 (50:1)

Check-Mate Grease Supply Systems

Air-Operated Piston Pumps - Oil Pumps

Fast-Ball (1:1)

Fast-Ball 300 (5:1)

Fast-Ball 425 (10:1)

Fast-Ball 425 (3:1)

Fast-Ball 425 (6:1)

Mini Fire-Ball (3:1)

Duro-Flo and High-Flo Oil Supply Systems



Automatic Lubrication Equipment - Mobile Off-Road

Dyna-Star (10:1 ) High Ratio Hydraulically Powered Lubrication Pumps

Injectors and Pumps

Tri-Lube HD Electric Grease Pump



Automatic Lubrication Equipment - Mobile On-Road

MLX Lubrication Systems

Grease Jockey Lubrication Systems

EZ Greaser Lubrication Systems

Trailer Lubrication Systems

Electric Fuel & Oil Transfer Pumps

Apex Electric Dispensing and Transfer Pumps

Blue Devil Fuel Transfer Pumps

Dispensing Pumps

Fuel Transfer Pumps

Hurricane Electric Pumping Systems

Oil Transfer Pumps

Piston Hand Pumps



Fluid Meters and Valves

Accu-Shot Grease Meter with Digital Readout

EM12 Electronic Oil Meter

EM6 Electronic Oil Meter

IM5 inline Electronic Oil Meter

IM6 inline Electronic Oil Meter

LD Series

Standard Oil Meter (16 Quart)

PM5 Preset Oil Meter

Pro-Shot Grease Meter

SD Series

V12 Non-Metered Valve

V5 Non-Metered Valve

Hose Reels

250 Series Hose Reels

350 Series Hose Reels

500 Series Hose Reels

700 Series Hose Reels

750 Series Hose Reels



Filter Systems

Cleanline 900

(For Use with Fire-Ball 300 5:1 or lower ratio oil pumps)

Cleanline 1800

(For Use with Fire-Ball 425 10:1 or lower ratio oil pumps)

Electronic Fluid Management Systems
Wireless Fluid Management Systems

Fluid Commander


Used Fluid Handling Packages

Coolant King 25 Gallon (95 Liter) Used Anti-Freeze Receiver

Oil Ace

Oil King 25 Gallon (95 Liter) Used Oil Receiver




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