Dragon Series - For Oil or Grease

The Dragon Electric Pump is available in 3 different types. The 1st is a, gear pump which uses meter and control units. The 2nd is a gear pump which uses piston distributors. The 3rd is a gear pump which uses progressive valves.

Accessories: Meter Units, Junctions, Tubing and Adapters

Motor Reservoir Capacity Delivery cc/min. Part No.
Three Phase Multi-tension/ multi-frequency   3 Liter Nylon   500 3904010
6 Liter Nylon 3904011
6 Liter Steel 3904012
  Single Phase 110V-50/60Hz 3 Liter Nylon   500 3904020
6 Liter Nylon 3904021
6 Liter Steel 3904022
  Single Phase 230V-50/60Hz 3 Liter Nylon   500 3904030
6 Liter Nylon 3904031
6 Liter Steel 3904032

Gear Pump 350 or 500 cm3/min at 1500 r.p.m
Max Operating Pressure 70 Bar (1015psi) with 3-PH Motor 40 Bar (580psi) with 1-PH Motor 30 Bar (435psi) Continuous Svc.
Oil Viscosity from 15-1000cSt or Grease grade NLG1000 at operating temperature 20°C+100°C

Standard Motor: 3-PH at 4P Multivoltage or 1-PH at specified.

Special 3-PH w/ the following voltages: 220/380V - 240/415V - 255/440V - 50/60Hz 90Watts.

1-PH motor 220V - 50Hz 90Watts. 12V and 24V dc also available.


3-5 Liters (.79 - 1.32 Gallons) in Polythene semi-transparent.

3 Liters (.79 Gallons) in ALum. with level sight glass.

6 Liters (1.59 Gallons) in Steel with level sight glass .

Suction Filter 260 Micron
Low Level Switch Reversible float w/ contact normally closed on min level.

Alternative Pressure Switches

Part No. Pressure Range (Bar)
329118 8-26
329119 15-60
329120 35-100


Part No.

3291022 Pressure Switch, Adj. 20-50 Bar (290-725psi)
3042098 Rubber Cover for Pressure Switch
3232053 Pressure Gauge, scale 0-60 Bar (0-870psi.)
3085230 Fitting.

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